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Meet Patrick Ryan, GYROTONIC® Instructor

Making a Major Career Switch

PatrickFor the first 20 years of his career, Patrick worked in software and technology sales to the healthcare industry. At first selling predictive analytics applications, and then electronic health records. Rather than continuing on that path, he fell in love with the GYROTONIC method of movement.

Experiencing the Benefits

Patrick is no stranger to back pain, with an initial injury as a teenager. At least once or twice per year since then, some movement or lift would spike a discomfort so severe he could barely walk around. “But within the first GYROTONIC session, I could feel this was a way to unlock areas of my body that I could never comfortably access.” Other benefits Patrick experienced by using the method include dramatic improvements in flexibility and posture, even gaining ½ inch of height!

The GYROTONIC method also completely changed the way he played any sport or performed any exercise, even simply walking. “I really tried to embody the principles of GYROTONIC movement from the start, so the benefits came quickly, but the progression is endless”. Given his results, he thought, “Why not make a career out of something I actually believe in?”


Patrick started practicing GYROTONIC in 2017, recommended by his dad as something very beneficial for his golf swing. By April 2021 Patrick became an apprentice, and then in November of 2021 he became a certified trainer:

  • GYROTONIC Trainer Level 1
  • GYROTONIC Applications for Golf Level 1

Patrick is continuing his education in the practice with additional certifications in 2023

Outside the Practice

When he’s not at the practice, Patrick enjoys spending time with his wife and appreciating all the benefits of living in a world class city. A downtown resident since 2000, he particularly loves Chicago sports, museums, restaurants, photography, and of course, staying active.

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