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New Patients at Active Body Chiropractic

When you book an appointment at Active Body Chiropractic, we will send you a link to our online new patient paperwork. Please bring your insurance information and identification, and wear clothing that allows us to access the areas of your body that we’ll be working on—shorts and tank tops are a good choice.

General FAQ’s 
Financial FAQ’s 

Your First Visit

When you enter our practice, our friendly staff will welcome you and take care of any questions you may have. Then you’ll meet with your chiropractor, who will go over your history with you to learn what’s been going on with your body. We’ll do various assessments, including several orthopedic tests, functional tests and functional movement analysis. These exams will show us what you can and can’t do, and how your mobility is restricted.

Then we’ll spend some time explaining the anatomy of what’s going on. We use 3D software and anatomical models to help you understand why your pain is happening where it is. We’ll show you the exact nerves, joints and muscles that are affected, so you can be as informed as possible.

We’ll begin care at this visit with a few therapies. We won’t go overboard at this visit, because we want to see how your body responds before we add in additional techniques and therapies.

We pride ourselves on spending a lot of time with each patient.  The first visit lasts about one hour, which is all one-on-one time with your chiropractor. Subsequent visits are usually about thirty minutes of hands-on care with your chiropractor.

Transparent Pricing & No Hard Sell Tactics

At Active Body Chiropractic, we keep our pricing as simple as possible, and we are transparent and straightforward. Here, you’ll never be pressured into signing up for a lengthy care plan. That’s not how we operate. We expect you to get results quickly, and we won’t string you along if you don’t. If, in the future, you have another issue that pops up that can benefit from chiropractic, we are here for you!

Insurance & Payment Options

Our office manager will discuss the finances with you, including insurance coverage.
We are in-network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Medicare. Please note that Medicare does not cover all the services we provide. We accept Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending accounts, and all major credit cards. You may also use Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal.

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