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graston therapy

Graston Technique® in South Loop

Injuries to soft tissues in our body, such as a back strain or carpal tunnel syndrome, may create scar tissue while healing. Although scar tissue doesn’t hurt, it restricts joints and reduces range of motion. Over time, this may result in chronic pain and loss of function.
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What is Graston Technique?

Graston Technique® is a tool-assisted soft tissue technique particularly good at breaking up fascial adhesions. The fascia is the coating around and in-between muscles. When this layer of tissue is damaged, it becomes fibrotic, acting like a glove around the muscle and restricting its ability to function properly.

Breaking down fascial adhesions restores normal muscle movement and alleviates pain. Graston technique is very safe, and may help anyone with muscle pains, when the fascia are involved. Patients often see quick results with Graston. Our doctors are certified specialists in Graston technique to provide you with the highest quality care possible.

What to Expect

Specialized tools are used with a gliding gel on the muscles while they’re positioned to stretch the individual fascial layers. The tools are not used with much force, and to healthy tissues, it feels like nothing. Unhealthy or fibrotic tissues will feel gritty or rough. After a few visits, the ‘grit’ will diminish, and the patient usually notices a reduction in their level of pain.

Patients with fascial adhesions contributing to their pain will get very fast results with Graston Technique. Usually 3- 6 visits in any area is enough for great results. Graston applications are always done to patient tolerance.

Patients may sometimes get a bruise in the affected area from the tool application. This occurs when the tissue is extremely fibrotic and traps little capillaries. These trapped capillaries are likely not functioning well anyway, so your body will make new ones. Healthy tissue will not bruise from this technique, when done properly.

Get Great Results Fast!

When tight or fibrotic fascia is present, proper movement is prevented in that area, causing pain and dysfunction. Graston technique yields amazing results quickly. Contact our office to see what it can do for you!


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