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Meet Dr. Dylan Drynan

Making the Switch to Chiropractic

Dr. DylanWhen Dr. Dylan was in college, he suffered with shoulder and neck pain that had gotten worse over the years. Local medical doctors prescribed pain meds and muscle relaxers. The physical therapist he saw couldn’t help at all, and he had become frustrated that nothing worked. A friend suggested chiropractic, which Dr. Dylan didn’t know anything about and didn’t want to try. Finally, to make his friend happy, he went to a chiropractor—and felt better within a few adjustments.

That experience completely changed Dr. Dylan’s thinking about chiropractic. He got to know the chiropractor, and discovered that he loved his job and was excited about it. Since he didn’t know anybody else who felt that way about their job, Dr. Dylan decided that’s what he wanted to do.

Education and Certifications

Dr. Dylan attended National University of Health Sciences, earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2001. He has advanced training in many soft tissue techniques, including

  • Active Release Technique® (ART®) certifications: Full Body ART, Long Nerve Entrapments, Biomechanics, Master’s Course, Advanced Protocols and Elite Provider’s Network
  • Certified in Graston Technique®
  • Certified in Dry Needling by the American Dry Needling Institute
  • Kinesiology taping methods

Dr. Dylan specializes in sports injuries, as well as nerve, muscle and joint pain.

A Passion for Helping Others

Dr. Dylan opened Active Body Chiropractic in 2002, becoming the first chiropractor in South Loop and the first to offer ART in Downtown Chicago. Helping people get back to doing the things they’ve been missing out on is what motivates him. He loves meeting and getting to know people, and seeing how happy they are when they can move and function optimally again.
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Away From the Office

When he’s not at work helping other people remain active, Dr. Dylan stays active himself on the tennis court. He’s an avid player and plays whenever he can. He also loves spending time with his wife and their three children.

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