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Parking at Active Body Chiropractic



Here’s the scoop if you’re coming via public transportation:


If you are taking an L-train, the Red, Green, and Orange lines will all take you to the Roosevelt/State L-station. We are a few blocks southeast of the L-station, which is approximately a fifteen-minute walk. From the L-train, you may wish to take a bus to the clinic: on the south side of Roosevelt St. by the L-station, there is a #12 bus that heads east and loops down right in front of the clinic. Alternately, if you walk east to Michigan Ave., the #1, #3 and #4 buses all head south on Michigan Ave. and drop you off at the corner of 16th and Michigan.


Any of the Michigan Ave. buses, such as the #1, #3, #4 or #12, will drop you off right by the clinic. Exit at the 16th Ave. stop.

and Garage

Parking Option 1

We have a private FREE PARKING lot that is located within the building. This is a 4 space lot reserved just for our patients. We cannot guarantee that a space will be available to you but we rarely find that we need more than 4 spaces at a given time.

Be aware: the entrance to the lot is from a fairly narrow alley! Due to this, it is a tight turn to try to get into the lot. SUV’s and mini-vans can fit in if you do a 3-point maneuver to angle your car correctly but please be careful! We are not responsible if you scratch your vehicle on the walls of the garage door!

Please watch the following video which shows how to enter the garage safely and follow these steps.
STEP 1 – aim well past the door
STEP 2 – back up into the 3 point turn position
STEP 3 – step out of your car and press the intercom call button to the left of the door.
STEP 4 – we will then remotely open the door for you.  Pull in but be careful!  Don’t rush!

Parking Option 2

If you are not comfortable getting into the garage or have a very large car, there is metered parking on Michigan Ave just West of us. Indiana Ave is all zoned parking.

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