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Always Accommodating and Friendly

Always a great experience at Active Body Chiropractic. I had called to schedule a last minute appointment, and they were able to squeeze me in for an adjustment. I’ve been there many times, and they keep to their schedule and its always a positive experience. Friendly staff at the desk, and in the treatment room. I recommend this office to anyone.

– Dorothy D

My experience is always positive when I visit Active Body Chiropractic. I get the expected results and the staff personnel is always approachable and professional.
Odina J.

Simply the Best

I usually never respond to these types of surveys but I wanted to add my comments because Dylan is quite simply the best. Over the course of the past 5 years, he has helped remove the pain for my hip, plantar fasciitis, back, and now sprained ankle. I have tried physical therapy in the past but now I don’t even bother – I just come straight to Dylan. It is amazing that no matter what hurts, he knows what to do and where the pain is originating from.

-Marron B

Full Recovery

The staff here is excellent, helpful and extremely friendly. They’re always willing to work with your schedule and are always available for questions and concerns. Tracy Ford was my therapist and she was phenomenal. Knowledgable, easy to work with and very practice and solution-minded. She helped get back to 100% up-to-speed after a biking accident. She was patient, thorough and diligent throughout all of my treatments, and we had fun while we were at it! I’d see her again in a heartbeat.

I am a dancer, runner and fitness instructor as well and she a) got me back to full recovery for all of my different activities and b) helped me stay injury and pain-free with suggestions and tips for when I am dancing, running, working out, etc. As she is a runner and very active herself, she has a lot of insight in this category and I appreciated her knowledge and wisdom throughout.


Dr. Dylan Drynan is the most friendly doctor I know. He always knows how to relieve the pain so that you feel great mentally and physically afterwards.
Jane M.

Chiropractic has made a HUGE Difference in Life

I would not be able to do the Avon Walk, play 10-15 hours of tennis each week or lift any kind of weights without the work I get done at Active Body. Dr. Dylan have made a HUGE difference in the various pains & injuries I’ve inflicted upon myself for the past few years. But yes, I do still hate the Graston torture.

-James M

Relief for Sciatica

I have been going to Active Body for about 3 years now, I was first recommended by my physician when I had a bad case of sciatica. Dr. Drynan helped me get relief!. I have been trusting my aches and pains to him ever since that time. The office is highly professional, it is very clean and the people that work there are friendly. From the time I walk into the door until I leave atmosphere is a calming one.

They offer massage services along with the treatments and my insurance covers it all. I am very happy with the services from this office and when my friends are aching I do recommend that they check out Active Body Chiropractors.


Easy to schedule a quick appointment. Always professional and caring service. Takes insurance and making billing process simple enough to understand.
Jennifer N.

Always a Great Experience

Love Active Body and always have a great experience there. No matter what aches and pains I come in foe they always cure my problem! Everyone in the office is professional and kind. My appointments are on time and there’s parking! The active release technic and Graston work has saved my body. I am a competitive athlete and don’t know what I’d do without Active Body Chiropractic.

– Anonymous

Dr Drynan is excellent.

He has helped cure many of my sports injuries over the last 5 years. I had lower back pain, shoulder issues, ruptured abs and neck issues.
Most of the treatments only required 4 or 5 visits and were cleared up. He is very professional and friendly. He’s always a pleasure to go see.

– Anonymous

Active Body Takes care of you from the moment you walk in the door with Kristen, therapists, Dr.’s. My body has not felt this good in a long time….thanks Active Body Chiropractic.
Robert D.

Highly Recommend

I’ve always been afraid of seeing a chiropractor because I felt they were going to harm me or even paralyze me. Silly right? I put those fears aside in October 2017 when I called Active Body. I see Dr. Dylan and let me just say that he has completely changed my view. He has helped me sleep, walk and even bend. It’s been a struggle to keep going when you’re in severe pain. I would recommend Active Body Chiropractic over any other Chiropractor because they are not your typical chiropractic office. They get to the root of the issue by stretching and massages your muscles. The staff is always friendly!

– Tina J.

Extremely Helpful

I have been seeing Dr Dylan at Active Body for a few months now and have sound his treatments to be extremely helpful! He has managed to help me with several different soft tissue and scar tissue and postural issues. I had a pretty nasty ski accident and he has managed to greatly help my whiplash and resulting nerve pains. He also help to drain the lymphatic canal that connects to my injured knee which I feel has been very effective!

– Briana B.

Excellent service. Fast, efficient and thorough. Great office staff and easily accessible with ample on street parking.
Karen S.

The Best at What He Does

Dr. Drynan is simply the best at what he does! I’ve been dealing with shoulder pain for the past month. I was able to tolerate it for a bit but no more. It was seriously affecting my lifting and my mental state but after two treatments I am already feeling better and I am looking forward to being back to 100% with Dr. Drynan’s help!

– Lance K.

Keeping Me Active

I have been seeing Dr. Dylan since March. Besides treating my running related injuries he has also educated me on many muscle groupings and tendons. That knowledge is incredibly useful when I am stretching and rolling. I truly believe if it wasn’t for my regular visits and quite a few needles in my hips and glutes I would not be running the way I have been able to. Thank you for helping to let me keep my body active!

– Kim M.

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